Security-as-a-Service in Orange County | SECaaS Provider

An average malware attack costs a company $2.4 million. That’s just one of many shocking facts about the consequences of cyber attacks and why you should invest in Security as a Service. These attacks will only grow in size and complexity. A highly-skilled and proactive IT security team is absolutely necessary to protect your business.

Hiring and equipping a full-time team is too costly for many businesses. But with NetFX Tech’s Security as a Service (SECaaS), even small businesses can protect themselves with enterprise-level security.

Why is SECaaS better than in-house IT security?

Your cost is lower with SECaaS than in-house security

When you choose SECaaS, you pay a monthly rate. That’s less expensive than purchasing the hardware and software required to manage this in-house. Don’t forget the expense of full-time staff. Entrusting NetFX Tech with your digital security gives you better results for less money.

We keep up with evolving threats and cybercrimes

As soon as one piece of malware has been suppressed, a new and powerful variant is on the way. NetFX Tech is constantly updating our security services to meet the threats of today.

We have a highly-skilled IT security staff

NetFX Tech’s staff has expertise in a variety of security fields. From email security to network security and everything in between. It can be expensive to hire an in-house security team with enough knowledge to meet all threats.

We can meet your industry’s security standards

NetFX Tech has the certifications and experience to help your business meet industry security standards. Our work is compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2 and NIST.

How NetFX Tech’s SECaaS protects your business

When it comes to Security as a Service, NetFX Tech offers network security services designed to offer around-the-clock protection. Our services also help your business to comply with strict security standards.

24/7 monitoring

NetFX Tech monitors your network at all times, protecting it from trojans, viruses, worms and more. 24/7 security allows your business to minimize data breaches and improve your response time to attacks. It also helps you comply with high security standards.

Email security

Many of the most popular attacks on your network arrive through email. Phishing attacks convince people to give their passwords to hackers. Seemingly innocent emails contain malicious attachments. NetFX Tech’s security team works to ensure that your employees’ email activity doesn’t lead to costly

Identity and access management

NetFX Tech controls access to your company’s information and applications. We ensure that the right people have access to the right information. This prevents prying eyes from accessing information that is confidential.

Penetration testing

NetFX Tech takes an active role in making sure that your network is safe. Our experts conduct penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to find weaknesses in your network. This service extremely important for businesses that must comply with safety standards such as HIPAA.

Interested in Security as a Service for your business?

When it comes to SECaaS, Orange County businesses can depend on NetFX Tech to keep them safe from intrusion. Let us know about your company's security needs, and we will find a solution that fits.